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About Us

ODU has been a pioneer in technology delivered distance learning since the mid-1980s.

Video Production & Broadcast Services

We provide professional broadcast-quality production services in both standard and high definition formats, to all university offices, departments and faculty as scheduling permits.

We also offer a full spectrum of production services to off-campus clients such as NASA, NOAA, the cities of Norfolk and Hampton, the Virginia Department of Education, the Virginia Space Grant Consortium, and community service organizations of all types. 

Our in-house talent can take your project from conception to completion. This award-winning team of producers, directors, videographers and editors has created programs, presentations, commercials and educational content for delivery on broadcast and cable television, via satellite, on custom-designed DVD's, and as live and asynchronous internet-streaming and podcasting. 


  • Systems Setup (Fiber, Satellite, Stream, Podcast, Control Room)
  • Satellite Uplink
  • Broadcast Classroom
  • Video Conferencing Services
  • System Design/Planning & Engineering Consultation
  • Design and Intergration Services
  • Podcasting
  • Video Streaming
  • Automated Multimedia Playout Services
  • Receive Program
  • Pre-recording of Classes
  • Telephone Bridge

Video Production

  • Pre-Production
  • Electronic Field Production
  • Studio Production
  • Post Production/Editing
  • Graphics Production
  • Tape Stock
  • DVD Creation
  • Video Podcasting


Electronic field production:

  • DVCam format digital camcorders
  • XDCAM recording
  • multi-environment microphone and lighting packages
  • field TelePrompTer©


  • Three digital, non-linear editing bays
  • digital or analog ingestion of mixed media assets
  • export component video signals to digital or analog videotape, CD-ROM or DVD formats
  • Duplication and label fulfillment options are available upon request
  • Final Cut Pro based suites
  • Graphic and FX creation suites host:
    • Adobe Photoshop and After-Effects©
    • Inscriber Title Motion©
    • Apple Motion©
    • Lightwave 3D© animation

Satellite teleport:

  • 5.5 meter fixed uplink earth station w/de-ice
  • 4.8 meter steerable uplink earth station w/de-ice
  • 3.3 meter steerable TVRO
  • 1.8 meter fixed RO
  • 1.2 meter fixed RO