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How It Works

ODU Distance Learning can be a wonderful alternative for students without time or options to get to main campus.

Registering for Courses

Registering for Fall 2014 or beyond? Learn about the new course codes here.

We offer coursework on a semesterly basis. As a result, we do not have an open registration year-round. Registration for summer and fall courses begins in April. Registration for Spring courses begins in late November.

Please check the ODU Academic Calendar with important dates and deadlines relating to course registration and add/drop/withdraw, tuition, exams, and holidays.

Course Registration System: LEO Online

LEO Online is the University’s online class registration system. Here you can search for course offerings in the “Class Schedule Search”.

  1. Choose the semester of interest and submit.
  2. Use the selection options on the following screen to narrow your search. You must choose a “Subject”. Once you have done this, you can further narrow your search by specifying other field options.

The selection options can be a bit confusing if you are not familiar with how the system codes courses. Here are some tips to help your search process go smoothly.

Instructional Method: Refers to how the course is taught. For most distance learning courses, you'll select "Traditional".

Campus: Refers to both the level of the course (Graduate or Undergraduate) and the course's campus assignment.

Use Campus code: To search for:
Undergrad Off Campus In Reg Crs
Grad Off Campus In Reg Crs
Courses available in the Hampton Roads region (not the main campus)
(Region 2)
Undergrad Off Campus Out Reg Crs
Grad Off Campus Out Reg Crs
Courses available outside the Hampton Roads region but still within Virginia
(Region 5)
Courses available outside Virginia
(Region 7)

It is unlikely that, as a distance learning student, you would ever select the graduate or undergraduate options for Weekend College or On-campus.

Part of Term: only applies to courses that do not follow the traditional academic semester. Since most distance learning courses do follow the traditional semester, we recommend selecing "All" for this option and reviewing your search results carefully.

Course Delivery Method: Refers to the technology used to deliver the course.

Course Delivery Method Definition
Hybrid Applies to course sections that use a combination of delivery technologies, including satellite broadcast, the web, or any other combination of delivery modality options.
Instructor On Site Applies to course sections at the origination locations, the location where the instructor is physically located for broadcast or streamed courses.
Televised Satellite Applies to course sections at on-site extended campus locations delivered by satellite broadcast.
Two-way Applies to course sections at on-site extended campus locations delivered by 2-way technology. In some cases, 2-way courses can be viewed on a computer with internet access that has special software installed, allowing you to take the class from other locations. The class is delivered live (synchronous), meaning you are required to log in to class at specific dates and times.
Videostream Applies to online course sections delivered by video stream to a computer. These courses are often tied to scheduled satellite or 2-way course offerings.
Web Delivered Applies to online course sections delivered through Blackboard. In some cases the courses use web conferencing tools like Adobe Connect throughout the course. Most of these courses do not have regularly scheduled meeting times and can be taken from any location using a computer; however, some do meet regularly. Check search results carefully for this requirement. If the results field “Type” is “Asynchronous” then the class does not have any scheduled meeting times.


After you run the search and are viewing the list of classes, look at the Location column to make sure you are registering for the correct course section.

If you attend class on-site at an extended campus location (higher ed center, military installation, or community college), look for your location's abbreviation in the Location column. Example: BRCC for Blue Ridge Community College.

If you are not connected to an extended campus site or you attend class by logging in from home or other location, look for the following location codes to find the appropriate course section:

  • VS2 - video stream in the Hampton Roads area
  • VS5 - video stream in Virginia (outside of Hampton Roads)
  • VS7 - video stream outside of Virginia
  • WEB2 - web-based class in the Hampton Roads area
  • WEB5 - web-based class in Virginia (outside of Hampton Roads)
  • WEB7 - web-based class outside of Virginia
  • DSC2 - 2-way on your own computer in the Hampton Roads area
  • DSC5 - 2-way on your own computer in Virginia (outside of Hampton Roads)
  • DSC7 - 2-way on your own computer outside of Virginia

If you have any questions about which location or course section you should choose, please contact your Site Director, academic advisor, or one of our customer service representatives.