Aerospace Engineering (MS)

Aerospace Engineering involves the solution of complex multidisciplinary problems associated with aerospace vehicles and systems, high-speed ground vehicles, spacecraft systems, and many other problems in addition to the traditional areas of aeronautics and astronautics.


For students interested in an online aerospace engineering degree, In this program, you will choose one emphasis area from the following:

  • fluid mechanics
  • structural mechanics
  • dynamics and controls

As a Master of Science student working towards an online aerospace engineering degree, you will take twenty-four credit hours of course work and a minimum of six credit hours of thesis work. You also must pass an oral defense of your thesis. More curriculum information is on the department's web pages.

Aerospace Engineering Careers

A wide variety of jobs are available in Aerospace Engineering, from research to development and testing.

Learning Environment

Courses in this program are offered in this technology:

Online synchronous: Access course material online from any location and participate in live, regularly scheduled online class meetings.

Admission Information

For admission as a regular graduate student, you must have an undergraduate degree from an accredited university in aerospace engineering, engineering mechanics, mechanical engineering, or a related field, such as civil structural engineering, physics or mathematics.

If you have a non-engineering degree, or an engineering degree other than aerospace, mechanical or engineering mechanics, your degree must have included the subject matter prerequisite for graduate study in aerospace engineering or engineering mechanics.

For complete details, please visit the department's web site.

Calculating Cost

Graduate Distance Learning Tuition Classification Cost per credit hour
Virginia residents (with Virginia domicile) $437
Students living outside of Virginia $456
* In Virginia but without Virginia domicile $1089

Rates are effective Fall 2014 and subject to change. Please visit ODU's main Admission & Financial Aid web site for complete tuition details, including fees and deadlines.

For questions about domicile or “in-state” status as it applies to tuition rates, please click here.