Coastal Engineering (CECP)

Study coastal engineering at the graduate level.

Coastal Engineering

This CECP Certificate demonstrates a basic level of understanding of the physical sciences, engineering, economics, environmental, institutional-political-social, and aesthetic constraints that influence all coastal engineering design.

The CECP Certificate may also provide the necessary credentials for continuing education by state licensing boards and professional organizations.


The Certificate requires four graduate level courses in the specialty area of Coastal Engineering within Civil Engineering:

  • CEE 582 Introduction to Coastal Engineering
  • CEE 787 Dredging and Beach Engineering
  • CEE 788 Coastal Hydrodynamics and Sediment Transport Processes
  • CEE 782 Design of Coastal Structures

Admission Information

To take courses in this certificate, you must be admitted to ODU as a non-degree graduate student. There is no formal admittance procedure specifically for the CECP program.

Please see the department's website for additional details.

If you are an international student interested in taking this program online from your home country, please contact the ODU International Admission Office for assistance.

Learning Environment

Courses in this program are offered in the following technology:

Online synchronous: Access course material online from any location and participate in live, regularly scheduled online class meetings.

Related Careers

  • Research
  • Consulting Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Membership on Coastal  Zone Management team
  • Instrumentation development
  • Education, teaching
  • Permit Review
  • Dredging
  • Surveying
  • Federal government (US Army, Corps of Engineers: NOAA, FEMA, USCG,US Navy, NAVFAC, )
  • State government (Dept. of Natural Resources )
  • City government ( Dept. of Public Works, beach management )

Calculating Cost

Graduate Distance Learning Tuition Classification Cost per credit hour
Virginia residents (with Virginia domicile) $464
Students living outside of Virginia $501
* In Virginia but without Virginia domicile $1160

Rates are effective Fall 2015 and subject to change. Please visit ODU's main Admission & Financial Aid web site for complete tuition details, including fees and deadlines.

For questions about domicile or “in-state” status as it applies to tuition rates, please click here.