OTS - Career & Technical Education Teaching (MS)

Expand your experience.

This graduate degree helps teachers and trainers upgrade their knowledge and skills to prepare for leadership roles in education and training.


Required Common Core Courses (nine credit hours)

  • SEPS 785: Curriculum Development in Occupational Education and Training
  • SEPS 788: Instructional Strategies and Innovations in Training and Occupational Education
  • SEPS 789: Instructional Technology in Education and Training

Research Core Courses (6-9 credit hours)

  • FOUN 612: Applied Research in Education
  • SEPS 636: Problems in Occupational and Technical Studies
  • SEPS 689: Thesis in Occupational Education

Please see the department's webpage for more details on curriculum for the Career & Technical Education Teaching concentration.

Admission Information

You can complete up to 12 graduate hours with a nondegree graduate application to ODU. All applicants to the Master of Science degree in Occupational and Technical Studies must meet university, college, and departmental requirements. In addition, you should have prior academic work associated with this area of study.

For details about admission, continuance, and other program requirements, please visit the department's web site.

Learning Environment

Courses in this program are offered in this technology:

Online synchronous: Access course material online from any location and participate in live, regularly scheduled online class meetings.

Career & Technical Teaching Careers

  • Trainer
  • Instructor
  • Instructional designer
  • Training coordinator/ manager
  • Program developer/ evaluator
  • Curriculum Writer
  • Human Resources
  • Technical Specialist
  • Program administrator


Graduate Distance Learning Tuition Classification Cost per credit hour
Virginia residents (with Virginia domicile) $437
Students living outside of Virginia $456
* In Virginia but without Virginia domicile $1089

Rates are effective Fall 2014 and subject to change. Please visit ODU's main Admission & Financial Aid web site for complete tuition details, including fees and deadlines.

For questions about domicile or “in-state” status as it applies to tuition rates, please click here.