Elementary Education (Interdisciplinary Studies: Teacher Preparation) (BS)

Teacher Prep programThis undergraduate program is designed to lead into our Master of Science in Education with Virginia licensure at the post-baccalaureate level.

You will first complete a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies: Teacher Preparation from the College of Arts and Letters. Immediately upon completion of that degree, you can seamlessly transition into a graduate or post-baccalureate licensure program in the Darden College of Education.

This program is intended for students in Virginia and Washington state.

Why ODU for Elementary Education Teacher Prep?

ODU's undergraduate Teacher Prep program in Interdisciplinary Studies is designed to make it easy for you to transition into and earn a Master's degree or graduate level endorsement.

Requirements for Fast Track Graduate Admission, are listed on the department's web site.

For more information on becoming a teacher, please contact Teacher Education Services and Advising at 757-683-6448 or http://education.odu.edu/tes/.


Talk with an advisor to determine how your credits will transfer. The curriculum sheet below can serve as a guide for planning your course of study.

Early field experiences, including observation, practica, and/or student teaching, are required during normal school hours. Map out your education with this program's Long Range Schedule (PDF).

In the Master of Science in Education portion of this degree program, you must complete Advance Classroom Management and Practicum, and the Teacher Candidate Internship as part of your course work.

Additional information is available on the department's website.

Admission Information

This is a degree completion programThis program is intended for students in Virginia and Washington state.

For the undergraduate portion of this program, you will need to be accepted into ODU as a degree-seeking student. A minimum GPA of 2.8 is required for admission, continuance, and graduation. Additionally, a minimum grade of "C"  must be earned in all courses required for the program.

Effective January 1, 2014 all students seeking admission to approved teacher education programs must take the Praxis Core. Passing scores on Praxis I achieved by December 31, 2013 continue to be valid and accepted for admission to approved teacher education programs.

Teacher candidates registering for a course that requires a field experience as part of the approved professional education program must obtain a clearance prior to starting the field experience. This process may take up to eight weeks. Follow the instructions for completing this process at ODU Field Experience Clearance Procedures.

Please note that General Education courses that are departmental requirements are not met by the Associate's degree. Explore the VCCS Transfer Guide or Monarch TRANSFERmation to see how courses you've completed may transfer to ODU. To have an advisor review your transcripts, contact your nearest ODU extended classroom site or call 1.800.968.2638

For complete program requirements, please see the Interdisciplinary Studies Teacher Preparation program website.

For the Master of Science in Education, additional admission items may be required. Details, including Fast Track Graduate Admission, are listed on the department's web site.


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Teaching Careers

  • Teaching: Pre-K, Primary, Elementary
  • With additional experience, training, and/or education: School Administration: Principalship, Superintendency, Curriculum Supervision, Subject Area Supervision, Reading Specialist, Media/Library/Information Services

Note for students in Washington State from the Student Achievement Council concerning this Bachelor's degree:

"This program is not intended to lead to teacher certification. Teachers are advised to contact their individual school districts as to whether this program may qualify for teacher advancement."

Calculating Cost

This program includes both undergraduate and graduate level courses. The rate per credit hour is different for each level.

ODU Tuition Classification Undergraduate Graduate
Virginia residents (with Virginia domicile) $316 per credit hour $464 per credit hour
Students living outside of Virginia $345 per credit hour $501 per credit hour
Virginia residents without Virginia domicile $874 per credit hour $1160 per credit hour

Rates are effective Fall 2015 and subject to change. Please visit ODU's main Admission & Financial Aid web site for complete tuition details, including fees and deadlines.

For questions about domicile or “in-state” status as it applies to tuition rates, please click here.

Learning Environment

Courses in this program are offered in this technology:

Online synchronous: Access course material online from any location and participate in live, regularly scheduled online class meetings.

Practicum / Internship: A practicum or internship is a required part of this program.